• Berkeley Heights Train Station

    Obtaining a resident parking permit, alternative parking solutions and train schedule information

Berkeley Heights Train Station

Parking Permit - $250 per year

If you've recently moved to Berkeley Heights and will be commuting into New York City, be prepared to wait up to 2 years for a parking permit. To be added to the waiting list, call Berkeley Heights township at (908) 464-2700. Make sure to ask how long the wait is for an open space and when you should call back for an update as there is no public list available. Consider helping future commuters by commenting below with any information you've learned from this process.

Where to park while waiting for a Berkeley Heights permit?

Easy Drive to Murray Hill train station, pay $7 per day for metered parking. map
Free Park in the supermarket parking lot (New York Marts) and walk up to the station. map
Backup Drive to Summit, pay $10 (cash only) at the Broad Street East lot. map

Train Schedule

Berkley Heights is on the New Jersey Transit Gladstone Branch. When headed to the city in the morning, you'll have the option to ride the train you boarded in Berkeley Heights all the way to Hoboken (where you can take PATH or the ferry into the city) or change trains in Summit to continue on into New York Penn Station.

Need to be in the office early? There are a couple of trains that run in the 6am to 7am hour which will take you directly into NY Penn.

If you're heading home from New York Penn Station, look for trains headed down the Morris & Essex Line. They will appear as Midtown Direct or Dover. Once on the train, you can transfer to the Gladstone line at Newark Broad Street or Summit to get back to Berkeley Heights. If you're heading home from Hoboken, then you'll simply take the little 3-4 car Gladstone train all the way back to Berkeley Heights.

Parking Lot Locations

The entrance to the main parking lot, Lot 1, is located at the intersection of Sherman Ave and Plainfield Ave. The entrance to the smaller parking lot, Lot 2, is located across the tracks in the municipal bulding (police station) parking area. This entrance is near the intersection of Park Ave and Plainfield Ave.

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  • Guest

    Has anyone else noticed the a.m. train to Hoboken is incredibly crowded this week? I thought this was the summer and everyone was on vacation, what gives!? :)

  • Dk

    I am a new resident in Berkeley Heights and have a 2 or so years parking dilemma. Do people actually park at New York Marts? It would make sense since the market is closed. Also, seems like a short walk(5 min) to the train. Can anyone share their experiences with the walk.

  • JH

    Hi Dk. Welcome to the club. My wife and I moved back to town last year and have been parking at the Murray Hill train station ever since. Kind of nice because its in the right direction of the city. Just a little more expensive though.

    I grew up in BH and can tell you the walk is fine. About 5 minutes as you said. I've heard of people doing this and even see some folks walking down towards that parking lot when they get off the train in the evening.

    You can also try calling the station house café (located next to BH train parkiing lot). I think they sell off some of their parking spots. Ask for Maurice.

    How long did they say wait would be? 2 years? Did they say they'd call you?

  • Dk

    Thanks JH. Welcome back to BH.

    I tried both Murray Hill and Summit. The parking situation in Murray Hill is much better for me. I leave too late to be guaranteed a spot in Summit. One day I will try the New York Marts parking. Thanks for the suggestion on station house. Will certainly consider it.

    They said the wait will be around 2 years. They will call me.

  • Hi Everyone, I'm also a newbie to BH. I love the site, and look forward to its expansion as it has been a great resource of info so far. So I am another sucker who had not considered the train parking issues beforehand. I'm hoping to ride my bike as much as weather permits and drive to Summit or Murray Hill for inclement weather. It seems like the NY Marts lot is at best a temporary solution. With such demand, why would the town build a garage or something? It seems like a no brainer even if they financed it and charged enough to cover the loan pmts, they would eventually have a nice revenue stream here. Is 2 years a realistic timeframe to expect be offered a permit? How on earth do they calculate this? I've had heard about private parking rentals, what is the best resource for these? Thanks very much.

  • Hi Gordon!

    We are just about at about a year and a half for our wait. Our annual, non-resident parking permit for the murray hill train station parking lot (operated by New Providence) came up for renewal a few weeks ago. Before renewing the $1050 annual fee for murray hill parking, we called BH to see where we are on "the list". They told us our number (which now I can't recall) and said to call back in a few months. Sounds like we're getting close.

    I wish the process was more transparent. Excited one day to pay a lot less for parking.

    For a private parking, call the station house cafe 908-464-6522 and ask if they have any spots available. Would you mind sharing what you find back here? I've actually never checked the cost/availability.

    If you'd like we could also make an area of bheights.com (on this page) that lets residents who live in close proximity to the train, create a free "parking space available" listing that offers a driveway spot. Should we give it a shot and see if anyone offers? Or were you thinking of a different private parking scenario?

    Nice to meet you,

  • Thanks Jon. I think its a great idea. I'll reach on the number you provided and report back.

  • Ok sounds good. I'll add the functionality and get back to you so we can try and promote it and get you a nice place to park! (While you wait the 2+ years lol)

  • Is the Parking lot at New York Mart cleared of snow in the winter?

  • Call the Towne Deli they rent out spots in their lot. Monthly or daily. The phone number is on the pole to the guy who takes care of it. Plenty of monthly there but tell him your on a waiting list to get a better price. Great guys down there down from Kings. Super close to train

  • My neighbor has spots to rent out in the lot. Pls email me if interested