24″ Porthole Steering Wheel Clock Wood/brass

    Chatham, NJ October 12

    24" Porthole Steering Wheel Clock Wood/brass


    This is a pre-owned, vintage 24” porthole steering wheel clock in wood and brass. Will lend nautical life to your décor with this charming ship’s wheel clock. Elegant and yet functional, this piece delivers style and personality to any home, office or study, desk or wall mounted. It is of solid wood construction throughout. Six-spoke handmade construction. Not sure, but I think it is oak or teak. Hardly used as it has been stored under cover nearly all of its life. Not a mark on it! Clock is by brass binnacle, 6” diameter. Has double dial for hours (black dial) and minutes (red dial). The clock features both the 12-hour and 24-hour marks and has 1-minute interval marks. Inside the clock the words “ship’s time” in an elegant font is displayed. Keeps perfect time. Uses one aa battery. New one just installed. Brass just fully polished and lemon oil generously applied to the wood in preparation for this sale. Very heavy duty construction weighing in at a hefty 13 pounds, really! Dimensions: 24” diameter from spoke tip to spoke tip. Thickness 4”. My personal brass nameplate is on it. It will give you a template to make your own. Or, you can remove it, turn it over and engrave it with your own nameplate text. Or, remove it and leave it off. Truly a great nautical décor piece and a unique gift for yourself, or the nautical gal or guy in your life.
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